Dear Alumni,

It has been a long time since MSU alumni had its first get together on October 27, 2017 and was well attended.

The very next year hurricane Harvey hit us and Houston was trying to recover from it and it is still trying to recover from Harvey. Many families are still trying to recover from it. And, then, came the COVID-19. And the USA and all of us are going through some tough times right now because of COVID-19. Please be safe.

Not much has occurred over the last couple of three years as far as MSU alumni activates are concerned. But, surely, the group is moving ahead even in this trying time. Here are some of the activities of MSU Alumni, as an individual and as a group.

Our own, Gitesh Desai, visited our Alma Mater and had a meeting with many of the office bearer like, the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Director of Alumni affairs and was awarded Distinguished Alumni Award at the same time. Subsequently, Mahendra Vaishanav and I, also, visited our Alma Mater in 2019 and had a meeting with The Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and many other office bearer. That was the beginning of our first donation to the university for the scholarship.

Here are some detail of our activities since our first get together.

MSU Alumni Foundation website was created after our first get together. The website is www.msubarodaalumni.org Please visit the website and let is know your comments.

1. The class of 1966 of Faculty of Technology and Engineering had decided to install lift project at the faculty for differently able students. For which, the group collected $15,000 and used MSU Alumni Foundation for all their activities.

2. MSU Alumni Foundation also initiated a scholarship program by contributing $5,000 last year. This year, because of the pandemic and being virtual classes, the foundation has not contributed this year.

3. One individual, MSU graduate with master in chemistry, and believing in philanthropy and giving, has decided to do the complete do over of the chemistry lab. For which, this individual is committed to give $22,000. So far, this individual has given $10,000 through the MSU Alumni Foundation and the foundation is in touch with him at this time.

4. Another group of Class of 1980 of Faculty of Technology and Engineering has come up with the idea of Vision2020. The website is www.msuvision2020.org This project includes mentoring and scholarship for the students doing their masters. For this project, this group is committed to raise $100,000 for over four year. Each year this group will give $25,000 for this program. Again, the MSU Alumni Foundation is in touch with this group and this group is going to transfer money through the foundation

In addition, the individuals have begun thinking about giving back to the university and making MSU great, again. A very good beginning. Hope we can accelerate the pace of activities to help our alma mater. The foundation’s vision is to create an endowment fund of $2,000, 000, initially. And to contribute about $100,000 to make the M.S. University of Baroda, the best, it can be. For which, the foundation is requesting all alumni to reach out to their contacts and ask them to donate. The donation can be sent to:
Jagat Kamdar
14314 Verde Mar Lane

Houston, TX 77095

The foundation here in the USA is in touch with the M.S. University Director of Alumni, Dr. Sanskriti Mujumdar. Let us all together make our M. S. University the best ever, again. Wish you all a happy holidays and be safe during this pandemic time.
With humility and respect for all,

Jagat Kamdar