M.S University of Baroda Alumni Foundation

Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda Alumni Foundation, Inc.

To facilitate a giving back program, MSU Alumni in Houston created a non-profit 501 (c) 3 foundation called “Maharaja Sayajirao University of Alumni Foundation, Inc.” This organization registered with IRS in USA, working with the University Alumni Department the Foundation will also facilitate giving in Indian Rupees. The Foundation goal is to raise funds in sufficient quantity to make a real difference in the lives of disserving students enrolled at the University. It is intended that the program will grow through active and ongoing participation eventually become self-supporting through growth of participation and investments for years to come. Financial contributions are tax deductible.


To financially support the needy students of MSU, allowing them to achieve academic success.


We the graduates have had the privileged to receive our undergraduate college education at one of the India’s eminent universities. Over the years, after graduation we have successfully used that education to achieve success in respective chosen profession. Arts, Sciences, Medicine, Engineering and other respective disciplines are available at 17 different faculties at the University. Degrees received at the University are highly respected by the global market place as well as universities around the world. We must recognize the tangible as well as intangible benefits brought to each one of us through our formal education. At this stage in our lives, perhaps it is time to share the fruits of our success by giving back thus helping the University’s resources grow for future generation to benefit from formal learning at the University.


After much thought and interaction with a number of alumni in the US and in India it was decided to resurrect the foundation that had been created and lying dormant since 1997. It was created and briefly funded at the prompting of the Pro Vice Chancellor Mistry, during her brief visit top the US in 1997. In 2017 the foundation was resurrected, and brought to life with a formally kick off the fundraising campaign on Friday, October 27, 2017 at the Houston Community College Westloop campus auditorium. It was attended by well over 100 guests, who contributed over $50,000 to the cause of the Alumni Foundation. We were on our way! The program was designed to bring back memories, identify student needs and methods of giving back were shared with those present, including short videos of conversations with Raj Mata and the University Vice Chancellor.   For the foreseeable future the Foundation has created a scholarship program that supports cost of education and substance of deserving students, currently enrolled at the University and/or those wishing to enroll at MSU. In addition, the Foundation offers to be a vehicle for donated by specific groups or a graduating class for specific purposes. In the future, as availability resources increases the Foundation may look at other avenues and opportunities to fund.

History of MSU Alumni Foundation,Inc.

About 26 years ago while visiting Houston Pro - Vice Chancellor, Dr. Veena Mistry and her husband Dr. Rumy Mistry who was a coordinator for Alumni students, seeking fund for equipment for Faculty of Communication and Journalism made a plea at a small gathering of MSU Alumni. That was the germination of the Idea to create the MSU Alumni Foundation. With active participation donations for the equipment were collected and that became the corpus for the Alumni Foundation. Once collected he donation were not sent to the university, as in the meantime a Japanese company in a gesture if goodwill donated the essential equipment. With this corpus of fund in hand and inspired by the noble gesture of a company that had little to do with the University or the faculty, we, the alumni choose to create the Foundation now known as Maharaja Sayajirao University Alumni Foundation, Inc. Its sole purpose, to help our university in as many different ways as possible. The idea to activate the Foundation was discussed a number of times, but never got traction. In the mean time the market favored investment assets, tripled in value. Finally, first event after reactivating the Foundation occurred in fall of 2017, with the same goal, to raise fund from the now relatively affluent MSU alumni, thus allowing the foundation to help in funding programs at the University. Before the event, extensive communication occurred between the University officials, i.e. the Chancellor, Rajmata Shubhangini Gaekwad, the Vice-Chacellor, Dr. Parimal Vyas and Dr. Sanskriti Majumdar, then Director of the Office of Aluumni Affairs. Encouraged by the initiative in the US video messages were recorded and forwarded to the foundation and played at the function. It was like old times, reminding us all of the functions we had at the Students Union Building as well as different halls of residence. Quite a pleasant and successful evening. Generous donations and promises for more over time the Foundation collected over $60,000. The successful event was followed by serious and productive ongoing communications with the university, topic, how to help the needy students. Now he means are in place. The first of the many donation check in the amount of $5000 was personally delivered, by two Foundation board members Jagat Kamdar and Manendra Vaishnav, earlier this year. This event established a working relationship between the parties and the funds will begin reaching the end user in time. The hope is that in 5 years when we look back, our collections need to rise and their use needs to be enhanced. The Foundation board hopes to make the Foundation self sufficient by being self-funding in the coming decade. Put in simple words, the foundation’s coffers need to reach an amount of $2 million. In the coming year by use of active recruiting effort the Foundation will seek and install board members who are University graduates, resident around the US.